Friday, May 30, 2008


Whew! What an incredible day I had yesterday. One that I am still absorbing.

I went with my son to a new space for children in San Anselmo called Playdate Café. He had a great time and played for a full 2 hours, which surprised and delighted me! While he was intrigued with the space and the children I was intrigued with the amazingly creative and successful people I met.

Playdate Café is a space for children to play but also has a menu with toddlers in mind. The food is healthy and presented in a playful, colorful and creative way. Well, I was fortunate to meet the brains behind the food. Jennifer Carden is a multi-talented woman who is also an author of a book called The Toddler Café. Playdate Café had a copy of the book at the register and I have to say I was impressed. It is very colorful. A book full of recipes, fun ways to serve food and I was laughing out loud at the pictures of the kids. The whisical and playful attitude captured in the photos is hilarious.

Guess who the photographer for The Toddler Café is? None other than Jennifer's husband, Matthew Carden. I looked at his site today and there was a link to his personal work. I think I may just have to buy one of his works, they are quite comical. Check it out!

But wait there's more. I also met Michelle Stern. Michelle is an entrepreneur who has a business called What's Cooking. She offers classes and birthday parties to children showing that cooking healthy can be fun. Michelle also offers a What's Cooking Weekly site which is an online menu service offering healthy and seasonal recipes, grocery lists and tips on making cooking with your kids fun and simple. She is a woman that I look up to. I think her business is very thought-out and thorough.

To round out this adventure I even had the opportunity to casually chat with Lisa Quinn from The View from the Bay on Channel 7. Not that she would remember me, but still fun.

A good playdate for both Kaden and I.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It is never too young to experience art!

We had a wonderful 3 day week-end and enjoyed our time at home creating. Here are a few photos of my 14 month old son's first experience with tempera paints. It is Grandma Charly's birthday soon and thought it would be nice to make a card for her. My favorite part of the experience was watching his focus as he was moving the paint around with his paintbrush and his fingers. The picture of his colorful and tiny hands was well worth the mess. However, cleaning up was fun too!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Creative Chaos

My husband and I recently went to Monterey Bay for a week-end away (which was marvelous). We began to talk about creative things we love to do. I have so many interests that my brain began to fill with creative chaos. But, what we discovered is that we both have an interest in creating a pottery line....together. We decided on the name M/F. What this refers to is masculine and feminine. As individuals we both are talking a lot about the differences between men and women and discovered through conversation that this can even apply to pottery.

As a start, my end of this design team is going to be thin, colorful, and organic in shape. I want my forms to be really basic in form, but detailed in design. That will assist the masculine side that will be thicker, more neutral in color, and very methodical and predictable in shape (my hus
band is excited to mathematically use equations to render the line of dinnerware). But together they harmonize each other and create a distinctive and unique set of dishes and accessories.

I thought I would share what I have done so far. I am using some vintage bowls of my Great Grandmothers and bowls that were made as wedding favors. I was a lucky participant in helping to throw 150 bowls for the wedding, it was great fun! I enjoy the idea of using things that have a great memory to them already.

I have applied a few different slip designs to them t
hat I will post after I fire them and take some photos.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Summer 2008 | Fine Art Camps offered at 3 studios throughout Marin

Northbay Artworks | all encompassing Art Camps
Marin MOCA | Drawing and Painting
Corte Madera | Wheel Throwing and Claywork


Northbay Artworks:
Special Cartooning Camp! • June 16-20, 2008 10:00-12:00 $150.00

• June 23-27, 2008 10:00-1:00 $45/day choose 1-5 days
• August 4-8, 2008 10:00-1:00 $45/day choose 1-5 days

Come and create in an art studio environment. Students will work at their own pace with medium of choice. Clay to be glazed and fired in a kiln. Mosaics, Painting, Drawing and Cartooning are available everyday.

Marin MOCA:
• July 14-18, 2008 9:30-12:00 ($190/5 days, supplies included)
• August 18-22, 2008 10:00-1:00 ($190/5 days, supplies included)

Held in a beautiful space with a wonderfully bright classroom, this camp focuses on Drawing and Painting. Students work at their own pace. Drawing is be done in Charcoal, Graphite and Ink, Painting with acrylic on canvas, Watercolor on canvas board and Screenprinting will be experimented with.

Corte Madera:
July 21-25, 2008 10:00-01:00 ($225/5 days, supplies included)
August 18-22,2008 10:00-1:00 ($225/5 days, supplies included)

We had a fantastic and fun experience in my home last year and we will be doing it again. Campers will work at their own pace and have the choice of what medium they would like to experiment in.

Clay, Wheel Throwing, Mosaics, Drawing, Painting, Cartooning, Fabric Design, Screenprinting and Recycled Art will be available everyday.


Studio 4 Art provides Fine Art Camps with:

Amazing Instructors
The best Fine Art materials
Age appropriate activities
A fun and safe environment to learn through experimentation and observation


We Come to you TOO!

If the above dates or locations don't work, we will travel and bring Fine Art Camps to you. Camps include 5 children, 2 hours a day, M-F all supplies, instruction and clean-up. $900.00 (additonal children, $15.00/hour)


(415) 596-5546