Thursday, December 26, 2013

I love the ornament exchange that I have been a part of for the last 3 years.  The ornaments that I receive are so creative, sweet and fun.  It has changed my tree from being full of commercialism, to a tree that has warmth and artistic wonderment. 

This year, my ornament was late upon completion.  This project came at a time that was very therapeutic and artistically needed.  I really do love creating and am reminded every time I sit down, taking time for myself, how much it feeds my soul.

The poem that is written on the house reads:
My music plays, can you hear it?  Shake me ever so gently and listen to my quiet jingle.  Need a little more, take me in your hands and dance.  Move me and I will sing.  My windows, doors, and warmth are open for you to remember your heart.  Think, feel, dance and sing.
 Slab construction is where it all begins, taking the idea of Studio 4 Art's gingerbread workshop to a much smaller scale.
 A hand sculpted heart is on the inside of each house.   I was really mindful of this step.  Clay feels SO GOOD.  Especially this clay, the texture is like porcelain, very smooth.
 A corner glimpse of my, at home, studio.
After, glazed and fired, sewing them with gold thread was the final touch.  The heart that jingles on the inside is a gentle reminder that home IS where the heart is.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Community, Clay, Camps, Photography, After School Enrichment, Sewing and Holiday Gifts....YES we are busy!

Photo Journal of Our Happenings

 COMMUNITY OUTREACH project.  Working with CASCADE CANYON SCHOOL, handmade BOWLS were created and decorated with love to be given to those in need of food as a way to add happiness into their meal.
 Art is a PIECE OF CAKE!  With school holidays and breaks, Studio 4 Art's ART CAMPS continue to impress.  Tons of projects and free choice, full and half day options, ALWAYS a lot of FUN.

Studio 4 Art has brought PHOTOGRAPHY into the program.  These photos are from an AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT class.  The students took photos, developed their photos (the child using the black bag), then using these photos to put into a mixed media piece using a photo transfer technique.  SO much TECHNIQUE, SCIENCE and DESIGN.

Our little downtown always has a HALLOWEEN HAPPENING.  This year, besides handing out candy, our TEACHER CARLY, drew the kids in their costumes.  SUCH a SUCCESS!

  ENRICHMENT classes are in full force.  Studio 4 Art is currently hosting 14 classes throughout Marin.  EXCITING that we will be expanding this program!  CURRENTLY OFFERING acrylic/oil/water painting, sewing, photography, holiday crafts, mixed media and all art.  K-5.

 Studio 4 Art's SEWING program is nothing short of AWESOME.  From beginners learning hand sewing techniques, to machine sewing (ages start at 6), to even designing clothes for ourselves, our dolls and our stuffies.  TECHNIQUE, INSPIRATION, and CREATIVITY.

  Friends and family using the studio to get some of their HOLIDAY GIFTS checked off that list.  I am next in line!  My list continues to be long.

I feel so BLESSED, as I was able to take a 2 week vacation recently, a much needed one as it has been very busy with family and business.  I can't THANK my teachers enough for allowing me to walk away completely confident that our families would continue to have a happy and creatively filled time time in classes, birthday parties, camps and drop ins.