Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun Was Had at Novato's Art, Wine and Music Fest and Our Summer Camps Have Begun

Novato's Art, Wine and Music Festival!!
At the festival we (Kevin Breakstone and myself) gave wheel throwing demo's. It was so fun to throw outside and to see how excited, intrigued and interested people of all ages seemed to be. Remember, wheel-throwing is available everyday (Monday through Saturday) at the studio for children and adults. Studio 4 Art can teach anyone how to work the wheel, regardless of age and even if you have tried in the past and feel as though you failed, we especially welcome you. Come have fun and get a little messy!
Recyclable, Reusable, 100% cotton bags that were painted at Studio 4 Art's booth. The weather was spectacular. Met a lot of wonderful people who had not heard of Studio 4 Art yet and had many families come to create a bag specifically because they knew that we would be there. Thanks to everyone! A special shout out to Novato Chamber of Commerce, EmbroidMe (for the great bags) and to Grant Avenue Florist (for flowers to make the booth look extra spectacular)!

Theme of the week, Mosaics
Our Summer Camps have begun. Studio 4 Art's first week was learning about mosaics and campers had a great time creating handmade pieces to incorporate into their designs. Camp attendees ranged in age from 4.5 to 13. In amongst mosaic making, available options were; sewing, drawing, painting, wheel-throwing, sculpting and hand-building. For upcoming weekly themed camps please check out Studio 4 Art's calendar.

Hand-building Station
A wall vase which looks amazing already. Add flowers and you have stunning. All art that was created in the hand-building area were child initiated. Staff was there to facilitate to make their ideas successful.

Sewing Station
Always popular with boys, girls, younger or older kids. Later in the week, puppets began to come to life, very cool!

Painting Station
Abstract, imagination, observation...all explored.

Sculpting Station
The texture that was added to this dog put it over the top for CUTE! Look at that face, so much expression and it looks as though it is even smiling.

Tomorrow is Monday and I can't wait to see what the kids have in store for me this week. Theme of the week "Eat a Still-life". Fresh cupcakes just came out of the oven, decorations to be added and then we paint, sculpt and finally.....we will eat them!