Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Workshops and loving to learn

This time for me

I have been yearning to be stimulated by learning new and inspirational techniques in anything art.  Being so involved in growing a business for the last 5 years, I have little time to feed that most important part of my humanness, my creativity.  As of late, I have taken several workshops.  My favorite thus far, was by this woman, whom I have been following for years with admiration.  She shared her amazing technique, and although I will not duplicate her loveliness, her inspiration will no doubt be reassembled within my own work.  Diana Fayt you rock!

 Genius move.  Laminating drawings (all her own) with packing tape to use over and over again!  Oh yes, you will have a chance to use images too on your own clay goods in the future at Studio 4 Art.
 Diana was very thorough with her explanations and open to all questions.  Her skill and years of experience were helpful to all.  I highly recommend taking any of her workshops, she does travel the world to share.
 This is the piece she worked on during the workshop.  I wonder if anyone wanted to purchase right there and then, the thought sure ran through my head.
Tools.  I love tools. 

Workshop was held at fourth and clay.  Great place with 3 other amazing clay artists held within.  Check them out!