Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are OPEN!!

What a ride! Everything has been happening so fast, this is my first day I have had a chance to breathe. I feel like I have had my Super Hero cape on flying through this experience!

So....Here is my new home! I love how it turned out. I have had tremendous help from my hubbie. There was a look and feel that I was after, and I think together we accomplished it between going to salvage yard, refuse centers and buying a few items new. There will still be some fine tuning, but it is a warm, inviting, wonderful space.

Thanks Jenessa for all of your help from putting the chairs together to creating a sign letting new customers know all of their options for the shop! And of course thanks for your help too Kaden and Kyla!!

This is the view of the large windows that allow light to pour in. Being on the corner has it's benefits.

Look at our area of the handmade/handcrafted items that are for all to enjoy. We have artists such as Flowie, F2, Nikki McClure, Little Who, 215 Design, Nate Manny, Sesame Letterpress, Emily Ryan Lerner, Mathew Porter, Little Otsu, Jennifer Carden, Jenessa Neugebauer, Three Four Quilts and ArtKits from Studio 4 Art. I can't wait to find more "goodies" to support artists in this community. A great selection to begin!

A glimpse of the slab roller, underglaze and clay tools.

Our sewing machines sit upon a 100+ year old farmers table. A few more machines and a serger are in this week, yeah. I love my serger and so will any of you who have not experienced this lovely machine before.

Looking towards the back of the shop from the wheel area.

Our first painting student. From what his mom shared, he had been counting down the "sleeps" until he could come paint. He had a great experience and will join us every week for painting workshops.

Another participant. Can you guess who it is? I sure hope he loves art as much as the rest of our family.

Experiencing wheelthrowing for your birthday present. A very nice present from grandma. Thanks for letting Studio 4 Art join in her birthday joy.

Okay, well that is a small view of what has been keeping me busy. Another big change...yesterday I dropped Jenessa off for her first day at college. Santa Cruz her she is, take care of her please.

I will miss you J, but more than that I am thrilled and so very excited for you and all that you choose to see life has to offer you. I am VERY proud of you. Have fun and I love you!!!