Monday, July 12, 2010

July @ Studio 4 Art

Above photo is of last months clay sculptures I had told you about, from our first summer camp. This is the project where campers were given 5 circles and used their own imagination and design to create a scaled down version of a full size sculpture. I would love to have seen ALL of them at least 5 feet tall, in the heart of San Francisco (or Novato). They were all so amazing and thought provoking!

Eat a Still-life camp week was very filling. Each day a new technique accompanied a new treat. Not all were sweets, we did incorporate some fruit too. Painting, clay sculptures, soft sculptures (sewing), utilitarian clay work (dessert plates), drawing and digital photography were explored.

This piece continues to impress and amaze me. Acrylic painting, viewing a still-life created in our All About Paint camp. This painting was from a 10 year old, with impeccable patients. GREAT observational skills! This week empowered kids to learn about color mixing, how to use the color wheel, use shadow and highlights for 3-dimension, how to use a brush appropriately and effectively, scale, composition, perspective and observational skills.

Drop-in sessions and classes are continuing throughout the summer. Drop-in hours are 10:00-5:00 Monday through Friday and Saturday 10:00-12:00. Classes can be seen on our websites calendar. Look for future classes and extended hours in September. With a *BYOM* (Bring Your Own Materials) option that lowers the cost of every class to just $10 an hour!! The above are examples of some work created this month. The above right is from our clay class. We have 5 on display in our front window as a hanging herb garden, still get lots of wonderful comments on them. This one has a bit of a twist, a lid. Can't get over those eyebrows!

The chubby bird was created for a father's birthday. I want to know what this little guy is thinking. He has a, "Um, I have something I need to tell you," expression.

As the studio continues to grow, we continue to reach out into our community. Part of Studio 4 Art has been Studio 4 Art on Wheels (in operation for 12 years). This is a camp that I led at Marinwood Recreational Department. It was for ages 5-8. They learned about self-portraiture, screenprinting, relief printing, clay sculptures, color theory, composition, and the creative process!

Studio 4 Art will be at Marinwood Recreational Department this fall too! Look for us on Fridays. Studio 4 Art will also be at Marin Primary, Olive Elementary, and Hamilton. If you would like your school to become enriched with an After School Art Enrichment Program, please contact us. We are also now following the California state guidelines for art education, which helps to replace some of the art education that is being taken out of our school systems.

Thanks for reading through! I never think I have a lot to share, until I set down to compile photos. Future will be shorter posts for easier absorption!