Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Summer Fine Art Camp!

For Children 5 - 15 Years
M-F 10:30-1:30 $45 day/$195 week

Studio 4 Art's Fine Art Day Camp is for children 5-15 interested in having fun while participating in a rich, educational experience.

This fine art program specializes in giving children the opportunity to explore their creativity under the direction of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors and camp leaders. Each camp encompasses ALL of the following EVERY Summer Day with the addition of a theme each week to introduce new techniques, art mediums and fun surprises that children may not have experienced in art before. It is true that this summer camp is every week-day from June through the end of August and available for daily or weekly times. Sign-up now to reserve your spot(s)!

Working from nature, still-lives, photographs and independent ideas, students will be introduced to specific drawing fundamentals and techniques including line drawing, value, shape, pattern, texture, shading, perspective and composition. Personal style is celebrated.

Incorporating drawing fundamentals, students will add color mixing, layering, studies from art history and independent
ideas into their experience. Mediums explored are watercolors, tempera, inks and acrylic.

Hand building techniques will be explored in workshops using pinch pots, solid build up projects, coiling, slab construction, slumping and draping methods. All items will be created with cone 5 clay, fired in our kilns and then hand decorated with underglazes and fired to final maturity. Wheel-throwing begins with learning to center clay, pulling up walls, shaping and the final detail of trimming a foot.

Discover the power of art, design and texture through printmaking. Students create their own designs and drawings, and learn about color theory working with different colored inks and paper.

Use felt to create monsters, dolls, robots, pillows, puppets or anything the imagination brings. Camps will focus on backstitch, over sewing, blanket and running stitches. Also, learn how to applique and sew on patches to existing items such as clothes, pillows, canvas backpacks and cloth bags.

Mosaics are made up of small objects such as colored glass, stones, recycled materials, tiles, handmade figurines out of clay, handmade tiles, and broken china. Mosaic work will be created on wood mirrors, wooden sculpture forms, panels, stepping stones and flower pots. Terminology and technique will be discussed and color, pattern and design will be emphasized.

There are no make-ups for Fine Art Day Camps. A $45 non-refundable deposit reserves space in camps.

Download a Registration Form (PDF) at

Sunday, April 19, 2009

All About MOM!

It is time to think about Mom and create a work of art to cherish for a lifetime.

Hand prints and Footprints!
This is still one of my favorites. I have children as old as nineteen and as young as 2 and each time we do a print it is a capture of time. Studio 4 Art can help to capture a print of your child and you can then decorate using clay or you can create a painting using acrylic on canvas. Price includes one hand print and foot print or a pair (hand prints and footprints). When using acrylic paint it is on a 8x10 3/4" canvas.

May 1st is the last date to get prints in clay completed. They need to dry slowly and then time for firing.
Our Price: $28

Studio 4 Art and Grant Avenue Florist...A good fit!
Studio 4 Art and Grant Avenue Florist are working together to show our Mom's how much we adore, appreciate and admire them.

mosaic flower pot

Mosaic flower pot
Surprise Mom with a mosaic flower pot that you design with her in mind. Studio 4 Art has handmade tiles, recycled tiles, shiny glass and sparkly gems to help create a piece that will last a lifetime.

Special workshop that includes a $4 gift certificate from Grant Avenue Florist. Our Neighbor! Come in on the week of April 27th through the week of May 4th and you will receive a small flowering plant to pot for your mosaic.

Please note that it takes 1 full hour session to design and glue your pieces plus an extra 1 hour session to grout your flower pot.
Our Price: $25

Handmade Vase

Handmade Flower Vase
It is said that fresh flowers can bring calmness and joy to a person. Well, add that with a handmade vase and you have a Mom that is not only calm and joyess, but also a mom that knows how much she is loved.

Special workshop that includes a $4 gift certificate from Grant Avenue Florist. Our Neighbor! Come in on the week of April 27th up to May 4th and you can use your gift certificate of $4 to help fill your vase up with beautiful, fresh cut flowers.

Monday May 4th is the latest date to complete your handmade vase due to time for firing in the kiln.
Our Price: $25

$4.00 Gift Certificate For Flowers At Grant Avenue Florist!
Coupon must be present with receipt from Studio 4 Art for Mother's day Workshop redeemed at Grant Avenue Florist, 1129 Grant Avenue, Novato CA. Non-transferable. Gift Certificate not valid after Mother's Day 2009.
Offer Expires: Mother's Day 2009