Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Studio4Art in February

Studio4Art has been busy during the month of February. So many projects, parties and schools participating, I wanted to share. Take a peek and I hope that at least one ensues a visit to create your own work of art.
The was a celebration held at the studio for Valentines Day. A group reserved the space for a private party and we studied a still-life of tulips. Work was drawn and painted on a 8x10x3/4 canvas. For many, it was their first time drawing from a still-life and learning to "see", paying attention to line and shape.

This is a group from Olive Elementary. Many of these students have now been with Studio4Art for over 2 years. The progress of detail, line work, eye-hand coordination, and pure joy of achievement, makes me so delighted. Shown here are some of the 1st graders. All of the kids love to work on the floor, so I let them. The multipurpose room is scattered with pictures, materials and kids. Would love to try to get an aerial view sometime, it is very cute. These sketches will soon be painted and put into School Fuel's Art Smart Showcase 2010.

A lot of birthday parties. This was a group of 4-5 year old children. It was a large group and this one mask is just a sample of how whimsical and fun they ALL turned out. For the first time they were introduced to coils, draping, painting and portraiture. Wouldn't this mask make you smile hanging on your wall?!

This is Marin Primary and Middle School in Larkspur. Studio4Art has been with this school for a few years and the popularity continues to grow. It is a small school with a great art program, so, I am thrilled and honored that they ask us to come every year. Here the students are learning about contour line, texture and shape through observation. The kids range in age from 4-11 years of age, all work wonderfully together and create their own unique interpretation.

Our Homeschooling classes are on Tuesday and Friday. This is from Studio4Art's longest studying student. He has followed me around many different venue's, even when Studio4Art was Studio4Art on Wheels going to schools (which we still provide), private homes, parks and different recreation centers. He is now 13, I first had him when he was 4!! Love seeing him on a weekly basis, watching him grow technically, physically and creatively.

This ends our February tour with the camp that is currently happening. The theme of the week is "Eating a Still life". Here students studied pears, getting acquainted with them. Initially sketching and then using clay to create a hollow form, 3D piece of fruit. This is just a warm up for the teachers at Studio4Art. We need to ramp up our endurance for Spring Camps, followed by All Summer Art Camp with a morning AND afternoon session this year!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day!

Create a last minute, unique, colorful and fun project for Valentines Day. Instead of painting on paper or canvas try a painting on glass from a picture frame or acrylic. Either in a window or on the wall, the transparency creates interesting shadows, depth, brush strokes and color. If you are feeling really daring, you can even paint directly on to a window (see special instructions below).

Materials Needed:
Black Marker
Tempera Paint (when painting directly onto window)
Acrylic Paint (when painting on glass or acrylic)
Liquid dish soap (for window application)
Masking tape
Drawing paper

1) Sketch a design or drawing on paper. A simple design works best, leaving large areas for different colors.

2) Trace pencil lines with a black marker. Tape your sketch on the outside of your glass, acrylic or window with design facing in.

3) If you are painting on glass or acrylic, begin painting with acrylic paint.

4) When painting directly on a window, you will want to add a bit of dish soap to your tempera paint. The mixed paint should be runny like syrup. The soap aids in clean-up later. Wash off with soap and water.

Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Direction of New Posts from our Studio

Hello All,
It has been awhile from Studio4Art's last post. Apologies. Many changes (all wonderful and good), but it has been dividing my time. The business, plus new Board of Directors for Downtown Novato Business Association, plus 3 kids, plus a new employee (WELCOME Susan!), plus the organization of our entire summer camp program, plus social networking has been eating my time up. I feel that I have adjusted now and am able to add great information to our blog.

Studio4Art's will be giving some great art ideas and projects for your own time with art. Whether you use these ideas for your own family, yourself, your classroom or for inspiration, I hope you find them helpful!! Check back frequently, as I will be posting up to 2 times a week with new inspirations!

Pointillism: The study of Georges Seurat
Studio4Art just finished a painting using Mr. Seurat as an inspiration. If possible, please get a book with his paintings, they are truly incredible. The colors, textures, size, subject matter and date of when they were painted is jaw dropping.

Depending on the age of the kids will depend on how simple or complex to make this. We had kids as young as 4 through the age of 11. For the little ones I had them use a cookie cutter to trace the image. Then they applied paint within the shape and in the background.

Tools needed:
3x3 to 4x5 sheet of paper or canvas (needs to be small as this is a time consuming project and you don't want the kids to get overwhelmed before they begin to see results)
Acrylic paint (I am an advocate of using the best paint you can afford, the pigment in higher quality paints make a difference! At the shop we use Liquitex.)
q-tips (you will need several, one for each color and then some as they do wear out)

Get Ready for some fun Exploration!!
1) Draw simple scene:
geometric shapes
2) Use primary colors: Create a pallet (can be tin foil, acrylic plate, or whatever you like to use)
3) Use dots of color to create.
Have the kids work with the primary colors to create secondary colors of orange, green and violet. By putting the dots very close together they will create not only texture, but your eye will also join the surrounding colors together, to create new colors!!
4) Continue your painting until all of your surface is covered with color.
5) Stand back and take pride in your accomplishment!

Would love to see pic's of anyone's artwork. Either in action or completion.