Monday, June 30, 2008

Be Prepared, Lots to share, Summer has begun!

Camp last week was held at Northbay ArtWorks in Novato. Artists had the opportunity to create, invent, explore, and learn different techniques. There were different stations with mosaics, drawing, painting, screenprinting and clay set up everyday. This camp was set-up so that you could sign-up for one day or for all five. The children ranged in age from 4-13 and the average number of children per day was 11 .

The initial look of the painting station. No table should look this clean!

Now this is what a painting table should look like! Artists are learning about color mixing, layering, blending, atmosphere and land, brush technique, perspective, shades and tones.

Clay table in action. Many tools to experiment with. By the end of the week aliens, creatures, sculptures, mugs, plates, bowls and flowers were made.

Mosaic station learning about pattern, design, terrasae, and how to use mastic.

Getting screens ready for printing.

Anna shares her screenprinting design. Thanks for sharing, isn't it colorful and fun!

This is a day that cartooning and comic strips were being discussed. There were many characters, many situations and many places that were chosen from and then put into comic strip form. One comic that was created was a dinosaur on a shopping spree on a busy city street. Great visual, huh?

Everyday we started the morning with training our artist eye, being observant. Here we are observing not just our smelly shoes, but looking at shape and value.

I haven's seen Bryce in a year. His creativity has grown, just as he had. This is an acrylic painting of an alien in progress.

The drawing table was a hit the entire week. There were many different mediums to discover and learn about. Many creatures and cartoons came to life here!

Thanks to all of my campers. Your art was enjoyable and your character's were fun! I had a wonderful week and look forward to seeing all of you soon.

This week I will be teaching in Kentfield at a private camp. I will post photos by the end of the week!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Screen Printing is FUN!

I don't know if I could have pictured a better, successful and fun time! I had to include a few photos of the art room. Yes, this space is dedicated to art. Unbelievable.

Thanks for letting me hang-out in such a wonderful space with great kids!

Just some of the examples that were created. After the screen had been used I immediately washed the paint off. Now they can be used again.
I wanted a shirt with this alien on it soooo bad!
The adults couldn't keep their hands off! Many of the teachers and parents had fun creating their own one-of-a-kind design. It was great to see them just as excited, if not more so, by their finished piece of artwork.
Just as I was cleaning up I had a new student walk in. Glad he did, isn't his spaceship cool!

This process was immediately gratifying. The results were amazing. The graphics were easy to read. All that I have to say out t-shirts I think you all could use a little more spunk and color.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Screen Printing Project for end of the year BASH

This week I am working with a friend of mine, Michelle. She hosts an end of the year BASH every year for both of her girls and I have been fortunate to have been involved for about 3 years. This year we decided to step it up a notch and introduce the kids to screen printing. Because of the different ages of kids I had to make sure that it was easy, but the results were exciting enough for the older (6th graders) to still think it was "cool". There will be about 50 kids in this bunch so I did a sample to make sure it was as fantastic as my mind said it could be.

I had recently come across a screen printing technique on a DIY site that used recycled materials (which I love to use whenever possible) and was simple in directions. So I was off to the EastBay to hopefully find sheer curtains or fabric that I could recyle. The fabric would be cut and then used as our screen fabric inside of a needlepoint hoop.

I had to share a few extra photos. The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse always has a variety of goods and you are never sure what you will find. Fun colors, textures and images, don't you think?

Success! Found the fabric and have a picture. Thanks to Wesley who is a 1st grader at Olive Elementary School in Novato, the picture was from a relief drawing we did on cone 5 clay.
Now it was time to trace the picture with a waterproof pen onto the fabric that had been tightened in a needlepoint hoop. After I traced it I then used Mod Podge, which is a waterproof glue, on the outside of the drawing and any other place I did not want the fabric paint to go. I let the glue dry, which didn't take long because of the beautifully warm day we are having.

I then used black fabric paint on an art shirt I use for students as smocks.
After I had slathered the paint on it was time for the unveiling! The students are going to fight over who gets to use this shirt I just know it.

I loved the results so much I took off my shirt and made myself one. Have it on right now as a matter of fact! I learned that the screens are reusable which is great. The screens have to be washed immediately though because the paint dries very quickly and begins to fill the holes in the fabric. My red shirt shows some of this. However, I don't mind. I am one of those artists that enjoys the surprises and I think the difference in paint shows some tone difference that enhance the look a bit.Thanks Wesley! Without your drawing this wouldn't be half as successful or cute! I think the kids at this bash are going to have a great time making their own drawing and then incorporating it into a screen printed wonder. Hopefully I will have a chance to take a photo or two to post if it isn't too crazy!